Welcome to the City of Canton Income Tax Department's
Electronic Tax Return Filing System

You may access the 2016 electronic return with Internet Explorer.
(Other internet browsers will malfunction)

You also will need the following:

1. An E-mail address.
2. Your account number with the City of Canton Tax Department. This can be found on your 2016
Canton City Tax Forms or Filing Notice that was mailed to you in January.
3. All 2016 W2's and any applicable federal schedules (1040 C, 1040 E, 2106, 1040 A, etc.).
There will be an opportunity to upload these federal forms in *.tif, *.gif, *.jpg or *.pdf format.
The filing of your City income tax return will not be complete unless these supporting schedules are included.

The City of Canton reserves the right to audit and adjust this filing, pursuant to the provisions of Section 181.09 of the Codified Ordinances of Canton, Ohio.